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Five Steps Get More Out of Your Work Vehicles

Robert Johnson of the National Truck Equipment Association, recently highlighted five steps to get more work out of your work trucks.

  • Right Sizing – Make sure your using the right sized vehicle for the job needing to be completed.? Learn to properly match your truck to your application before buying another vehicle.
  • Route Optimization – Be certain to review routes driven by your drivers, just because they drive the route regularly doesn’t mean it’s the most cost efficient route.
  • Truck Body and Equipment Designs – Equipment and accessories for your vehicles are being designed and redesigned all of the time.? These products are there to help you be more productive but you have to do your research to be certain you’re using the correct product for your work.
  • Reducing Stationary Fuel Consumption – You have calculated how much it costs your company to complete a job, and you price accordingly.? So when your company consumes more fuel than required to complete it’s task it is costing your company money.? A gallon here and a gallon there and your company begins losing a lot of money very quickly.
  • Beyond the Truck – Anything that can help your company become more productive will have a drastic? effect on the bottom line, you will see a return on the investment in these products.? The use of GPS tracking can significantly increase productivity.

Driver Watch Systems help you practice four out of the five steps.? With our low cost option for your next GPS vehicle tracking system you will see an increase in efficiency and a decrease in expenses, all of this equals a huge return on investment.

Contact us today to learn how we can design a system for your company vehicles.

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