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Reporting can be so… tedious. It doesn’t have to be!

Do your drivers manually log their start and end times for every stop?  Do they manually record their start and end times for their day, do you calculate their hours worked from these times?  How about the logging of mileage? A better question may be, are your driver’s supposed to log their times for every stop and are they supposed to record their times for their work day and total mileage.

I know getting everyone to record their times accurately and regularly can be frustrating. You’re trying to build your business, last thing you want to be doing is running employees down to verify records.

Here’s your answer: Automate! Imagine how convenient it would be if every two weeks you or someone in your staff received an email showing the start and end times for every driver?s workday. Or if you could review the start and end times of every job from the previous day, would this make payroll and billing easier and more accurate.

A Fleet Management system with GPS Vehicle Tracking will provide all of these things and more, you are able to review everything thing from activities, over speed, unauthorized use, to mileage by total and by state. These reports can be viewed as needed or emailed on a schedule established by you. A geofence can be set up around that location so that you can get a tailored report showing exactly when they arrived and how long they stayed at that job site.? Don?t worry about proving time on a job again, let our system handle that for you!

Contact Driver Watch Systems today to set up a personal review of your fleet and how we can help you save time and money.

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