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You’ll never be out of work!

I was recently reading a blog posting by Seth Godin, where he was talking about the three elements to full employment.? He was stating that a person would never be out of work, or at least not for long,? if he or she could offer one or all three of the following attributes:

  • Sales
  • Additive effort
  • Initiation

You can read his blog post here, and if you don’t know who Seth Godin is… you should, the guy is great and offers a lot of knowledge!I began thinking how our Fleet Management and GPS Tracking System offers not one, not two but all three of these attributes to our customers.

Our system allows our customers to run more efficiently and provide better customer service which all adds up to increased sales.

The additive effort brought to our customers from our fleet management system allows for greater productivity and helps to generate revenue well in excess of its cost.

The third attribute, initiation, only happens when our systems are used as an everyday business tool.? This is when you really take control of your fleet, you can see where your vehicles are.? You are getting reports to help run more efficiently and saving money right from the start.

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