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The Trunkster Smart Luggage With GPS Tracking

Will you be traveling this holiday season?  Will your bag get to where you’re going when you do?  Chances are your luggage will not be lost by the airlines but let’s be honest, there is a pretty good change your bag may not make it to the same destination!  So what can you do to prevent your bag from getting lost forever?  Take a look at this piece of luggage, it’s pretty amazing.

The Trunkster

This is the Trunkster, it is an invention from the ingenious minds of Gaston Blanchet and Jesse Potash.  This piece of luggage will completely redefine how you think luggage should work.  First off the luggage has no zippers, it uses a door that slides down out of the way the same way a cargo door on a truck or airplane would do, it is completely out of the way all together when it’s open.  Secondly, this bag has the ability to weigh itself, yup that means no more guess work or standing on the bathroom scale hoping the airlines won’t charge you more for an overweight bag.  The Trunkster offers a larger handle that makes maneuverability and rolling the bag much easier.  You know what else is much easier?  How about charging your mobile devices, the bag has a battery pack built right in that allows you to charge your mobile devices with a USB cord.  Simply plug your phone into your bag and you’re off and charging!

GPS Tracking Luggage

But the most important new feature is the built in GPS locator.  The Trunkster will report in and allow the user/owner to log into the app to see exactly where their bag is located.  No more wondering what the airline did with your bag, you’ll exactly where they flew it!

Necessity is certainly the mother of all invention and these two guys have definitely solved a problem that has been bothering a lot of people for a very long time.  This is also another great example how GPS tracking can help in our lives.  No more worrying about where your assets are, you‘ll know.  This bag offers convenience as well as piece of mind, something that is hard to come by these days.

The amount of items that come with GPS enabled tracking is increasing everyday and the vast great unknown is not a vast as it once was.  Knowledge is king (I know you thought it was cash!) and with technology like this in the world a person’s ability to gain knowledge is very much so king!

Take a look at their Kickstarter site and feel free to buy one or simply contribute to help them get off the ground!

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