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The Art of Listening

Their are many types of GPS tracking systems available these days, and for the most part they all do basically the same thing.? Just like TVs or cell phones they are set apart by their varying differences, but hey lets be honest they all track vehicles. The differences, as you will learn, is in the details!

The details of a system is where companies, smart enough to employ these systems, begin to save money. That’s where Driver Watch Systems sets themselves apart (if we do say so ourselves!), when we sit down with a person inquiring about our services and products we begin each meeting by first ask about their fleet. We want to know how it’s used on a daily, weekly, or even yearly basis so that we can inform our customers on the options they will need, not on the options we want to sell.

If your company visits the same locations ever week, over and over, do you really need navigation as a part of your tracking system? Ah… no!? If your company never leaves a 14 mile radius, do really need a 1 minute update rate? Ah… probably.

Their is a lot to consider when making this investment, so make sure your sales person is listening and trying to put a system together for your needs, not theirs.

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