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No Fleet is too small

No fleet is too small to initiate fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking software.? Let’s do the math, with a fleet of one.

If you have one vehicle that drives 30,000 miles/yr and gets 12 miles/gallon you are going to consume 2500 gallons/year.? With a going rate or average of $2.45/gallon for unleaded fuel that is a total of $6125/year in fuel alone!

With a GPS vehicle tracking system you can expect a reduction somewhere in the neighborhood of 10% in total miles driven over that same time period? That means your vehicle only travels 27,000 miles in one year and it only costs you $5512.50 in fuel.? With everything being constant that’s a saving of $612.50, which is less than the total cost of the system for one year!

This doesn’t even take into effect the reduction of total idling time, reduced maintenance cost and a reduction in overtime!!!

Yup, you’re right it is a no brainer.

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