Navman Wireless Qube GPS Tracker

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How the Qube Tracking Device Can Help Your Business

Navman Wireless GPS Tracker

The Qube by Navman Wireless is a dependable onboard fleet tracking GPS tracking device that discreetly tracks each vehicle in your fleet. However, when combined with our proprietary GPS vehicle tracking software, you have a powerful analytical tool that generates the Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence you need to make meaningful business changes.

How Navman Wireless Fleet Tracking Solutions Can Help Your Business

  • Our fleet tracking system enables you to collect a comprehensive array of data on all of your vehicles, whether on- or off-highway. You can track location, speed, fuel usage, delivery times, and many other data points.
  • Our fleet tracking solutions allow you to track, communicate, and navigate your fleet. The combination of these three functions enhances your ability to gather vehicle and equipment information so that you can make smarter management decisions about your fleet and equipment.
  • Navman Wireless’ fleet tracking solutions give you automatic time and distance activity updates. You get a real-time record of the location, speed, direction, and mileage of each one of your vehicles. You know when the ignition and battery are on or off. You get entry and exit alerts from defined areas. You can connect to other devices for two-way messaging, navigation and sensor monitoring.

With all of these capabilities, Navman Wireless can give you all the data you need to make informed decisions. You will never have to rely on estimations again – you will have real-time data to support your decisions. You will also be able to reduce your operating expenses and increase productivity.

The Qube GPS Tracking Device

The Qube is a GPS tracking device that is tamper proof and has the lowest failure rate in the industry. It’s this reliability that makes our solution a tool your business can rely on to save you time and money.

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