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How the Qtanium Heavy Equipment Tracker Can Help Your Business
Navman Wireless Qtanium

 The Benefits of Asset Tracking Devices

Combine Qtanium 300 with OnlineAVL2 software to bring all of your on- and off-highway assets onto a single screen. Collect and analyze real-time and historical data, and get the Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence you need to make meaningful changes throughout your organization and increase profits.

Why Qtanium?

With Navman Wireless equipment tracking devices you get more precise, up-to-the-minute information you need to do more accurate job costing, maintenance scheduling and estimating. Our solution enables you to make sure your equipment spends more hours working and less time idling. It gives you the data you need so that you don’t under or over service your equipment.

Our software enables you to monitor and manage everything you have. You get the location of each piece of equipment and what it is doing, you’ll be able to see which assets are active and inactive, you’ll see whether machines at a site are being used, and you’ll reduce unnecessary rentals.

Navman Wireless’ equipment tracking solutions gives you a vast array of valuable reports, including:

  • Asset utilization report – each vehicle or piece of heavy equipment is organized by name or asset group. You can sort data by machine category and see the total usage numbers for each day of the week and the total usage time for each asset during a given time period.
  • An engine hours report enabling you to more accurately perform preventive maintenance.
  • Create custom reports which automate the collection of any data that you now collect manually.

How does the Qtanium asset tracking device work?

The Qtanium asset tracking devices on your vehicles receive signals from global positioning satellites, which triangulate the exact location of the equipment. This data, along with other sensor readings, is transmitted by cellular network to Navman Wireless’ secure hosted service center. Then, online software organizes it into a centralized comprehensive view of everything you own and displays it on a computer or handheld device.

Customers using our solutions have experienced a return on investment from 25 to 75 percent.

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