Navman Wireless Driver ID For Fleet Management

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How Driver ID Will Help Your Business

Navman Driver ID

Off-the-shelf consumer products simply cannot provide the robust features that a complex business requires. You’re dealing with multiple drivers, demanding customers and shrinking budgets – and you are looking for a way to identify your drivers without needing a full messaging or navigation device.*

Driver ID by Navman Wireless is an in-cab terminal that facilitates driver log in to vehicles or assets and allows you an affordable option to add more robust data and information by driver. Used in combination with the award-winning OnlineAVL2 platform, Driver ID connects you with more of the Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence you need to boost your bottom line.

  • Alternative Driver Time Cards – Allows drivers to “log in” and “log out” in vehicles and allows fleet managers to pull time logged in vehicle for payroll, job costing, and other needs
  • Streamline Data Capture – Electronically replicate the paper time cards and allow for robust reporting around which driver is in each vehicle or asset at any given time
  • Increased Driver Oversight – Helps to identify specific behavior by driver to enhance and maximize your fleet’s performance

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