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Navman Wireless Customer Earns InfoWorld Green 15 Award for $50,000 Fuel Savings Enabled by Fleet Tracking Technology

School Transportation Provider Also Increased Safety

Navman Wireless announced today that Provider Enterprises, a New Hampshire-based school transportation company, has been recognized in the InfoWorld Green 15 2010 Awards for its use of Navman Wireless’ OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking technology to reduce fuel usage and achieve other operational efficiencies. Provider is one of only 15 companies to be named to the magazine’s list of “Green IT Stars of 2010” for their use of information technology to promote sustainability.

Provider handles transportation services for more than 1,500 special needs children attending 200 different schools. With Navman Wireless’ technology, the company is able to track the location of its 188 vehicles in real time, monitor fuel consumption, optimize vehicle maintenance schedules, notify drivers electronically when a child does not need to be picked up, quickly route buses with or without wheelchair lifts as needed, and more.

In the first year of use, the Navman Wireless system helped the Provider reduce fuel expenses by nearly 10 percent for a savings of approximately $50,000. Contributing factors included the system’s ability to alert dispatchers when vehicles are idling in violation of company policy, route the closest appropriately equipped vehicle to meet the passenger’s particular impairment, eliminate unnecessary trips when a child does not need transportation on a given day, and identify unauthorized personal vehicle use.

The system also has helped Provider increase safety by identifying drivers who speed, fail to stop at railroad tracks or neglect to enforce seat belt requirements.

“This recognition by InfoWorld highlights both the green benefits and the business value of our technology, ranging from reducing fuel, labor and operating costs to improving productivity,” said Navman Wireless CEO T.J. Chung. “Having real-time insight into fleet activity makes it possible to identify waste, squeeze out inefficiencies and otherwise optimize fleet operations.”

Navman Wireless’ OnlineAVL2 vehicle tracking and fleet optimization software tracks all vehicles in the fleet in real time as well as measuring fleet, vehicle and driver performance. It works in tandem with the Qube, the Navman Wireless tracking device installed in each vehicle. The system’s real-time insight into fleet usage helps reduce fleet operating costs by improving dispatch efficiencies, reducing fuel usage, and identifying problems such as inaccurate timesheets, unauthorized stops and personal vehicle use.

Customers also have the option to equip drivers with mobile Navman Wireless communication devices enabling easy and low-cost two-way message exchange with pre-programmed push-button responses that eliminate manual texting. The company’s MDT 860 offers mobile dispatch and messaging capabilities, while its M-Nav 750 integrates dispatch, messaging and turn-by-turn GPS navigation on the same unit.

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