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Misconception of GPS Tracking – Our Employees Will Quit If We Get GPS Tracking

One of the biggest misconceptions we hear is that employees will quit if we get GPS tracking in our fleet vehicles.  The opposite is normally what actually happens, employees usually become dependent on the tracking system for it’s routing features and traffic avoidance.   They also learn to use it’s reporting functions for discrepancies with customers, they can rely on the time and date stamps for factual evidence.

Very infrequently will we hear of an employee threaten to leave because of tracking but if it does happen you really must ask yourself, “what was being done with my vehicles that this employee doesn’t want me to know about?”  A great example we do know of was a customer who was told that if GPS tracking was initiated than that employee would quit!  He wouldn’t be able to do his job knowing that he was being tracked.  After a few months of GPS tracking in their vehicles that employee returned to thank his employer for starting the GPS program.  The driver was forced to slow down, was forced to change his behavior so that he operated his vehicle in a safe manner.  This behavior change transcended into his own personal vehicle and his wife even commented on his calmer driving behavior.  True story!

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