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Low Cost Communication

At Driver Watch Systems we know how much communicating with your drivers and vehicles can cost.? It can get really expensive really quickly and you may never know it until the bill hits your desk for your approval.? That’s why we offer the Navman Wireless MDT-860 at a fixed cost it is a better, faster and cheaper way to communicate.

Navman Wireless MDT-860

Navman Wireless MDT-860

The Navman Wireless MDT-860 provides:
? Low-cost two-way text messaging
? Communication with one or all fleet members at once
? Quick, accurate information
? Status or free text messaging
? Customer-selected preset replies
? PC-based message dispatch software
? Compact size
? Easy, reliable installation

With the MDT-860Navman Wireless MDT-860 will be receiving a reliable and effective way to communicate and receiving true value for your investment!? Contact us to learn more about the MDT-860.

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