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LandAirSea GPS Tracking Devices and Apps

Driver Watch Systems is very happy to announce that we are now selling personal tracking devices by LandAirSea.  LandAirSea has set themselves apart from other tracking device manufacturers by continuing to provide quality technology at great prices.  With the need for personal tracking devices on the rise, we knew we needed to find a good solution for our customers.  The LandAirSea products fit all of our qualifications, they provide a great online tracking platform and they provide quality hardware with very simple installation.

SilverCloud SYNC ™

The SilverCloud SYNC device by LandAirSea is great for anyone looking to track a teenage or elderly driver.  This device is quite simple to install, all you do is plug it into the OBD2 port in your vehicle.  Once that’s done the electrical system of the vehicle keeps it powered and reporting all the time.  With this device you will get updates to the vehicle’s location and speed every 10 seconds while you follow along on LandAirSea’s website,  you can access from any computer or mac and there is even an iPhone tracking app and a Android tracking app.


  • SilverCloud Online user-friendly web-browser application
  • Satellite images, maps and street addresses powered by Google
  • Silvercloud Allerts for arrival, departure, speeding and low battery
  • Simple and detailed driving activity with mileage logs


GPS Tracking Key™

The GPS Tracking Key by LandAirSea has become pretty famous over the last few years, because of it’s simplicity it has been featured in a few very popular TV shows.  The device is very simple, you install 2 AA batteries and basically just place the device anywhere in the vehicle or you use the strong magnet on the device to place it under the vehicle.  The GPS Tracking Key will hold up to 100 driving hours of information, and once you are ready you simply remove the device and plug it directly into your PC with the integrated USB port, simple as that!  The device will record:

  • Route Traveled and Speed Driven
  • Direction and Orientation
  • Active Drive Time
  • Arrival Address and Duration of Stop

Driver Watch Systems is ready to help you keep your loved ones safe on the roads.  Contact us to today to purchase your new tracking device simply by clicking here.

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