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Land ‘N’ Sea Saves…

Less Overtime

  • Driver efficiency increased instantly upon implementation of Navman vehicle tracking.
  • Quicker return times have enabled the company to utilize drivers in the warehouse, as well- for even more savings in manpower and overtime.
  • Land ‘N’ Sea pays $15 per hour for overtime.?? They consider a savings in overtime of one-half hour every day per vehicle to be a conservative estimate.


  • Navman Activity Reports have helped Land ‘N’ Sea to optimize delivery routes to save both time and fuel.
  • Idle Reports tell them when a truck starts, when it stops and how long it’s left idling.
  • Delivery trucks use about $800 of fuel a month. The company has seen a 10% reduction in fuel use.

Additional Benefits

  • Land ‘N’ Sea knows their customers need their parts ASAP.? With Navman GPS tracking, they know the precise location of every truck and every order.? They also provide their customers instant, up-to-date ETAs on their deliveries.
  • Land ‘N’ Sea has set Geofences to alert the warehouse when a returning driver is 5 miles out.? When he arrives, his manifest and invoices are ready, and his next load is waiting at the bay.
  • Replay a Day has enabled Land ‘N’ Sea to optimize route planning- expediting deliveries and, at the same time, saving fuel.
  • Using Mileage Reports, Land ‘N’ Sea can tell which trucks need to be rotated to lower-mileage routes to keep them within the allowable lease mileage.

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