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Introducing the new M-Nav 750

It’s out, and it’s nice!? Navman Wireless has released the brand new M-Nav 750 for sale or lease through Driver Watch Systems.? It’s smaller than the 650, it’s lighter than the 650 and it does more than the 650!? Sound to good to be true?? Absolutely not, it does everything our customers want and need:

  • Communicate with your drivers with our two way communication via text.
  • Send computer aided routing directly to your drivers.
  • GPS directions can be optimized for truck routes.
  • Commercial grade device.
  • Receive overspeed alerts when speed limits are being exceeded.
  • Gives you the ability to maximize your vehicles day in and day out!

    Brought to you by Driver Watch Systems.

    M-Nav 750 by Navman Wireless, brought to you by Driver Watch Systems.

Having the M-Nav 750 coupled with Navman’s award winning Online AVL2 your business will be never have run so efficienlty.? Contact us today to learn how this device can help your business.

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