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How Many Vehicles Does UPS Have? How Do They Save Money?

So, as you would probably assume I get the opportunity to talk with a lot of people about fleet vehicles and fleet operations.  The conversation will eventually, at some point, come around to the Granddaddy of all fleet operations… UPS. People are always very interested in what/how/when UPS handles their fleet tracking and telematics.  Rightly so too, when you’re paying for over 100,000 vehicles to be on the road it gets attention from others!

Just a quick FYI, UPS has A LOT of vehicles and here’s the break down from their website:

  • 99,513 Delivery and Support Vehicles
  • 519 Supply Chain Vehicles
  • 5,759 Freight Vehicles with 19,391 total Trailer
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UPS Package Car Photo: Wikipedia

That’s a lot to maintain and monitor, but who does it better than UPS probably… no one.  Their vehicles average a total of 3,000,000,000 miles a year, don’t worry about counting the zeros it’s a billion, yup billion with a “b”.

UPS uses their telematics system to get a lot of information; they are able to monitor location, speed, driving habits, and engine diagnostics. The diagnostics has helped them reduce their preventative maintenance inspections by 50 % they went from 240,000/year to 120,000/year and in doing this they also increased the reliability of their vehicles!  This has helped them tremendously by increasing productivity and reducing their fuel bill.

Now you may be saying, I can’t afford a system like UPS and guess what?  You’re probably right but that’s okay because you aren’t doing the same job UPS is doing.  You need a system that is designed for the way your company does business, and that’s where we come in.  Let help you reduce your fuel burn, wear and tear and let us help you save money in a big time fashion… just like UPS.

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