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GPS Fleet Solutions Increase Productivity

GPS Fleet Solutions

A GPS fleet solution is a system designed to help you track where your vehicles are.  You can use this system to see where your vehicles are in real time and to collect data on the long-term to get a better idea of the most frequent routes used, get a better idea of your drivers’ habits, keep track of the number of miles on each vehicle and assess how much was spent on gas.  GPS fleet solutions are valuable tools that can help you manage your fleet more efficiently and boost your productivity.

GPS Tracking, Device, HardwareFirst of all, being able to see where each vehicle is makes it a lot easier for you to plan logistically.  You can easily see which drivers already have a full schedule and which ones have some downtime between there deliveries or visits to client’s homes.  You can also see which drivers are near a specific location if you need something done urgently.

Vehicle Tracking Changes Behaviors

Your drivers will be a lot less likely to take unauthorized breaks or run personal errands during their workday if they know you can see where they are thanks to your GPS tracking system.  You do not have to always keep an eye on where your drivers are but your employees will feel the need to be more accountable and responsible.  In short, a GPS system is a strong deterrent for employees who are thinking about not performing their job properly. You can also use your system to keep an eye on drivers who seem to always run behind on their deliveries or who seem to use more gas than others and take the necessary actions to retrain or to discipline as you see fit.

Reports Helps You Assess And Improve Performance

GPS fleet solutions provide you with detailed reports on how much each vehicle is driven, the most common routes used, how drivers spend their time and how much gas is used. You should review all this information on a regular basis and use it to develop a set of best practices for your fleet.  You probably already have an organizational system for your fleet but using a tracking and reporting tool will allow you to develop a customized system to manage your fleet more efficiently related to the unique needs of your business.

Using these reports to improve fleet management will eventually make your fleet more productive.  You should be able to reduce the amount of gas used, plan your routes more efficiently and eliminate any activity that wastes valuable time.  This will result in accomplishing more on the road, using less gas and more importantly in providing better service to your customers.  You should also be able to lower your prices or to focus on other important tasks, like increasing the bottom line!

Deter Theft

GPS fleet solutions make all your vehicles very easy to track.  If you clearly mark that your vehicles are equipped with tracking devices, thieves will think twice before stealing your fleet vehicles. You can of course prevent theft by storing your vehicles in a secured garage. However, a GPS tracking device is an additional deterrent.  If one of your vehicles is stolen, the police should easily find it thanks to the GPS tracking feature.  This means there is minimal risks of losing one of your vehicles and the disruption should not last more than a few hours if you and the police act quickly.   Your insurance provider should offer lower premiums thanks to the added security of your GPS tracking system, be sure to check with them as well.fleetImg5.jpg

There are many advantages to using a GPS fleet solution, including improving your fleet management strategies, making your drivers more accountable and keeping your vehicles safe.   You should contact different fleet solution providers to learn more about the different systems available.  Of course we would love to talk with you today, we enjoy learning about each and every business and would love to tailor a tracking program unique to your company.

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