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How Much Is Excessive Idle Costing Your Company?

Does your company have a plan in place to regulate the amount of idle time your company vehicles are experiencing? Excessive idling can be a very costly expense for a business and most businesses don’t even know to what extant it’s happening.
Here’s a great example of how much a good plan can help. Crown Uniform and Linen Service in the New England area is currently running about 30 delivery vehicles. These trucks are doing anywhere from 100 to 150 miles a day for their roughly 30 stops a day. Crown Uniform was able to achieve some pretty significant savings on fuel, simply by making the drivers turn the engines off. Crown decided to use a small GPS tracking device that had on board diagnostic capabilities and were able to see, with the help of the fleet management system, when the vehicles were running, excessively, while not also in motion. Many drivers were leaving the engine running all day, yes… even while at their deliveries and pick-ups, this had just become a part of their normal daily habits. They didn’t think they were doing anything wrong it was just a common practice for them.

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This fuel saving program for Crown Uniform became a reprogramming of their drivers, teaching them how to help save money by changing their normal behaviors. Many of the changes that take place after a tracking and management system are deployed end up being behavior changes for the drivers.
Crown drivers have gone from an average of 70 minutes of idle time per day down to 7, yup 7 total minutes! The company is seeing savings up to $2000 per month from this fuel saving practice. The success of this program has influenced the company’s management to move the same program to their sales team, these drivers are driving 20,000 miles a year and they are very excited about the saving they’ll see with this addition too!
If your company is interested in learning how they can implement a similar fuel savings program in your company please let us know, by simply clicking here and giving us some info. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss specific steps that can be taken for your company to see the same percentages of saving that Crown Uniform has seen. Taking a step like this can have a huge effect on your company’s overall well-being.
This is one of the decision that can move your company to the next level.

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  1. Joshua,
    Thanks for noticing the Green Fleet program that Sustainable America developed and implemented with Crown Uniform and Linen. The program was a big success, and is a combination of both working with telematics and engaging fleet managers and drivers. If you would like to partner with us on this plan, please contact us.

    We want to track companies that are implementing programs like these, so we can do our part to reduce America’s fuel consumption by 50%.