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Driver Safety Number One Priority

GE Capital Fleet Services recently gave a survey to their customers asking what their fleet managers biggest concerns were these days. With more than a third of all fleet managers reporting in that fleet and driver safety is their biggest concern, with cost reduction coming in at number two with about 24% saying it is their biggest concern.

Fleet managers have been struggling for years to reduce fleet expenses, vehicles have been sold, staff have been let go and they are now in equilibrium with their business levels. It’s only natural that safety regain its right full seat as their biggest concern.

What do your fleet managers do to help your drivers perform safely? Regular meetings should be scheduled to help discuss the best operating practices. It’s important to listen to your drivers during these meetings; they should be one of your main sources for finding areas of improvement.

Once these practices have been put into practice one of the best ways to make sure these safe operations are being followed is through a fleet management system utilizing GPS tracking. A GPS monitoring system will allow your company to see many different aspects of fleet performance. Is there too much speeding, what about hard braking and jack rabbit starts? These are all signs of unsafe behavior and at the very least it shows the willingness to take chances that your company can’t afford… not to mention it costs a lot more too.

A good tracking and management system will highlight these behaviors that show improper performance. Just imagine what is saved if an accident is avoided. First of course a life may be saved and there is no value that can be placed on that but the average cost of an accident of a commercial vehicle in over $91,000 and if, God forbids, a fatality is involved the average cost shots over $3.5 million.

Additional Key Findings

  • Productivity
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Analytics

36% of fleet managers felt that productivity could be enhanced while refining preventative maintenance and 28 % mentioned productivity can be increase with better vehicle acquisition and disposition procedures.

The majority of fleet managers acknowledge that their fleets either included alternative fuel vehicles or they were considering alternative fuel vehicles. This is a big jump over last year’s survey.

When asked how analytics help their fleet, 33% said they have experienced operational efficiency increases and 25% stated they are seeing cost savings. This is just more proof that the proper handling of information from your fleet will help make your company more efficient and profitable.

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