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Driver Behavior Monitoring – GPS Fleet Tracking and Management

Insurance companies, more and more, are offering discounted rates for the use of a fleet tracking and monitoring system because they understand how well they work to change the behavior of drivers.  The change in behavior results in reduced claims for the fleet owner and insurance companies, and mitigating these claims is everyone’s responsibility.  Monitoring the behavior of a driver is very similar to monitoring your progress during any exercise program.  If you expect to get better and produce results then you must have a starting point, then monitor the progress from there, this is what we help commercial fleet owners do everyday.

If a driver is constantly exceeding the speed limit, slamming on the brakes and accelerating rapidly for no good reason then you have a driver that has developed bad habits.  You also have a driver that has little regard for their safety, the safety of others, or the excessive wear and tear on your vehicle.  These bad habits will definitely cost you a lot money in the long run, not to mention these habits can easily cause an accident, which we all know can easily cost a company tens of thousands of dollars or God forbid into the hundreds of thousands range.

Our job as a fleet tracking and management platform provider is to give our customers the tools they need to help monitor and improve the driving habits of their drivers.  Here is a quick video tutorial on the ways our system does this:

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