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Customer Service

There are a lot of companies selling GPS vehicle tracking solutions, so what sets them apart?? Well, I suppose it would be the way they drink their margaritas, on the rocks or blended.

Seriously, it is a good question and it has to be what happens after the sale and installation of the new hardware.? Lots of companies will sell their fleet management software and have it installed but what’s next?? The difference is customer service after the sale, I know the new buzz word is customer “no” service but I don’t understand that at all.? Why would you not want to service the customer?? Why would you not want them to succeed with their new business tool?? Their are no good answers to these questions.

Rest assured we will there after the sale to make sure you are happy with your new system and to be certain you are using it to it’s most beneficial level.

If your not happy, we’re not happy… and we want to be happy!

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