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Construction Equipment Tracking from Navman Wireless

Choose an equipment tracking and management solution specifically designed for fleets with heavy equipment. Qtanium 300, our extremely rugged IP67-rated GPS tracking tool is reliable, robust and allows you to keep tabs on all your assets, from trucks to tractors.

Combine Qtanium 300 with OnlineAVL2 software to bring all of your on- and off-highway assets onto a single screen. Collect and analyze real-time and historical data, and get the Remote Asset Intelligence you need to make meaningful changes throughout your organization and increase profits.

Take a look at just a few benefits of Qtanium 300 and OnlineAVL2:

  • Complete Integration – The Qtanium is compatible with all brands, makes and models, and the OnlineAVL2 consolidates your on- and off-highway assets in on application with a single screen view
  • Greater Reliability – Qtanium 300 is completely tamper-proof and features a standard back-up battery and high-gauge cable options
  • Increased Visibility – Not only will you be able to locate assets, you can identify utilization, unauthorized use and even theft for your entire on- and off road fleet
  • Increase Efficiency and Savings – Root out where you’re wasting on payroll and fuel, plus create smarter maintenance schedules

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