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Award Winning System

Driver Watch System would like to congratulate Navman Wireless NA for receiving a very prestigious award at the 2009 Telematics? Detroit Conference and Exhibition show this past week in Detroit.? Navman Wireless’ OnlineAVL2 won an award for Best Telematics Service & Application for Commercial Vehicles.

The Online AVL2 by Navman received the first runner up award and beat out other systems by Garmin, Qualcomm, NetworkFleet, Sagequest and Tom Tom, the winner in the category was a fuel saving system installed on select Daimler Trucks.

Businesses are realizing that Navman Wireless NA is here to make a difference, they are providing a great product and helping our customers realize the savings they have been looking for.? Navman’s numbers have grown greatly in the past year and that is a direct result of our hard work and also our economy, if businesses are to survive they must cut costs and implement systems to help achieve that goal.

As T.J. Chung, CEO of Navman Wireless Holdings, states, “The value of OnlineAVL2 in helping control fleet costs and increase fuel economy is indisputable.? It is why we are rapidly gaining market share.? This award reflects the ability of our fleet management solutions to deliver that concrete return on investment and truly make a difference in the bottom line.”

Congrats Navman!

For a demonstration of the award winning OnlineAVL2 contact us at this link.? Or you may download the software here, we can provide the password at your request.

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