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$7,500 per month in fleet operating costs saved!

We like to share great stories about organizations like?yours that have maximized fleet efficiencies and delivered savings using Navman Wireless fleet tracking solutions. As someone who we?ve engaged with in the past, we wanted to reconnect and tell you about how one fleet has reduced their operating costs by $7,500 per month.

We invite your review of this case study and then contact us about how you too can maximize your fleet performance.

Tech A.I.R. needed a solution to more effectively manage their fleet. Florida?s leading residential and commercial HVAC contractor called on Navman Wireless to maximize their efficiencies for reduced fuel and maintenance costs.

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Fuel Savings:
With the GPS vehicle tracking solution in place, fuel cost dropped to $7,000/month.?Even faced with a 7% increase in gas prices, they are realizing a projected cost savings of over 50%.

Repair Savings:
Repair costs alone have dropped from $62,000 annually to $38,000- and this doesn’t even factor in the revenue rescued by eliminating the downtime.

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