Fleet Tracking System with Map Overlays

Using Map Overlays, See exact locations of your job sites right on your tracking map.

How many times have you looked at a map of your assets and wondered to yourself “where exactly are they?” “Is this even close to the job site?”[...] Read More

GPS Fleet Solutions Increase Productivity

GPS Fleet Solutions

A GPS fleet solution is a system designed to help you track where your vehicles are.  You can use this system to see where your vehicles are in real time and to collect data on the long-term to get a better idea of the most frequent routes used, get a better idea of your drivers’ habits, keep track of the number of miles on each vehicle and assess how much was spent on gas.  GPS fleet solutions are valuable tools that can help you manage your fleet more efficiently and boost your productivity.[...] Read More

5 Of The Best Reasons You Should Be Using Fleet Tracking

If you rely on a fleet of vehicles to perform deliveries, transport merchandise from one store to another or to send employees to the home of your clients to provide services, you know that your fleet is one of your major assets. It is important to keep your investment safe by properly maintaining all your vehicles. You should also consider investing in a commercial vehicle tracking system to protect your vehicles and make fleet management a lot easier. Here are a few reasons to upgrade to a quality vehicle tracking solution.[...] Read More

Brand New Fleet Tracking System

Brand New Tracking Hardware and Only $19/month For Monitoring

Driver Watch Systems provides GPS TRACKING SOLUTIONS to fleet owners and we’ve been at it since 2009! We specialize in helping companies SAVE TIME and MONEY and we are very excited about our newest products. These products offer UNMATCHED service at dramatically REDUCED prices.
If you’ve ever considered GPS tracking but were deterred by the initial costs NOW IS THE TIME TO START TRACKING with DWS.[...] Read More