GPS Tracking Drives Insurance Savings

Does your insurance carrier know your company is using a GPS tracking system?  If they do are they giving you a discount on your annual premium?[...] Read More

Only A Few Days Left to Save $100 Per Vehicle

Now is the time to outfit your fleet with a new fleet tracking system.  Navman is offering a $100/unit rebate for every new connection now through the 20th of December.  So lets get going, start tracking your cars, trucks, vans, forklift and whatever else you spend time and money worrying about![...] Read More

Continued Growth for Fleet Management Market

Call it whatever you want fleet analytics, vehicle tracking, fleet monitoring, telematics or simply GPS tracking.  It’s all about gathering data from your fleet and turning it into information you can use to make your fleet smarter and operate more efficiently.  The industry of fleet management through telemetry is an industry that has been growing exponentially and is slated to continue unabated.  There are many large companies and private equity firms that have been investing in or acquiring companies that sell and/or develop telemetric software and hardware.
The fleet management market is currently an $11 billion industry globally and is forecast to grow at a 23% growth rate through 2018 that should put the market at the $30.5 billion mark.  That is crazy growth for an industry that is still relatively young.  But the youth of the market doesn’t reflect the value by any means, the amount of value in the market is completely related to the value it brings to its customers and users.[...] Read More