Immediate ROI From GPS Fleet Tracking Device For Rental Company

The biggest fear of a fleet manager or business owner would have to be a crash or accident involving one of their vehicles, second to that would be the loss of one of their vehicles to theft.  So, let’s talk about this for a bit.  If you could incorporate a system that would allow you to minimize your vehicles exposure of crash or theft would you do it?  Of course you would.  Now what if this system could also help you maintain a better run organization by minimizing expenditures and increasing customer satisfaction?  Well that would be icing on the cake as afar as everyone is concerned I am sure.[...] Read More

Nissan Smartphone Integration for Fleet Management

[...] Read More

Durham Public Schools to Track School Buses

The Durham, NC public school system has recently stated they will begin to us a GPS tracking system on their school buses.  GPS tracking is something that the Durham School System has been looking into for a few years now, they have tested a few systems and are ready to implement the tracking system district wide now.  The DPS buses will travel upward of 4 million miles over the course of a school year and many of the buses will idle for many hours as well.[...] Read More