LandAirSea GPS Tracking Devices and Apps

Driver Watch Systems is very happy to announce that we are now selling personal tracking devices by LandAirSea.  LandAirSea has set themselves apart from other tracking device manufacturers by continuing to provide quality technology at great prices.  With the need for personal tracking devices on the rise, we knew we needed to find a good solution for our customers.  The LandAirSea products fit all of our qualifications, they provide a great online tracking platform and they provide quality hardware with very simple installation.[...] Read More

Nashville Cabs Required to Have GPS Trackers

The Metro Transportation Licensing Commission (MTLC) of Nashville just passed a regulation that all cab company in the metro area must equip their cabs with GPS tracking devices.  This was a regulation passed at their meeting the 25th of April.  This new regulation was discussed and voted on because of the recent death of a young woman in the Nashville area.  The young woman was found dead near her home and last seen getting into a cab in Nashville.[...] Read More