Sensor Monitoring

Question: What do tire pressure sensors, tow truck lifts, refrigerated trailers, lift gates and sirens all have in common?[...] Read More

Seminole County Regional Business Expo!

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You’ll never be out of work!

I was recently reading a blog posting by Seth Godin, where he was talking about the three elements to full employment.? He was stating that a person would never be out of work, or at least not for long,? if he or she could offer one or all three of the following attributes:[...] Read More

High Speed = Higher Fuel Bills

Every vehicle has it’s own unique optimal fuel economy speed (or range of speeds), but gas mileage does decrease rapidly at speeds above 60 mph.
Speed vs MPG
Speeding costs money, is your fuel bill higher than it should be?

Do you know what your average speeds are?? Would you like to know?? Contact Driver Watch Systems today, we can help![...] Read More

Navman Wireless Expands OnlineAVL2 Support for Large Fleets

GLENVIEW, IL (September 30, 2009) – Navman Wireless North America today announced the addition of enhanced vehicle grouping to its OnlineAVL2 vehicle tracking and logistics system to support the reporting needs of larger fleets. Groups and subgroups can now be created and viewed by region, vehicle type, business unit or any other parameter, enabling highly segmented reporting that equips managers with vital information for controlling costs and optimizing operations in their respective domains.[...] Read More