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1991 Radio Shack Ad

old, technologySo… this ad is from a newspaper (remember those?!?) published in 1991. It’s a Radio Shack ad (next year we’ll probably be able to ask if you remember those too), and it features all of these great pieces of technology. A phone that just made phone calls, tape recorder, answering machine, computer, speakers, video recorder. It’s amazing to think that we owned most of these things and they were all separate items that did one sole function.

Fast forward to the 21st century and fabulous 2015 and all we need today is our smartphones. One lone smartphone has the ability to perform all of these functions, either directly or through the use of an app.

This is why we didn’t miss the opportunity to design our amazing GPS fleet tracking platform with mobile functionality. What does this mean to you and your business? Well you get the same great tracking platform right on your smartphone without being tied to a laptop or desktop device.

Take a look at the photo below and you can see the great interface we’re talking about that allows you to find, track and communicate with your fleet. Mobile sites allow everyone to be on the go… because you don’t make money sitting around waiting for business to happen! Mobile, GPS, Fleet, Tracking

With our mobile site you can be anywhere and know exactly where and how your vehicles are being driven.  Feel empowered today, be more productive, make more money.

Call us today to discuss your options with Driver Watch System’s newest fleet tracking platform and learn how much money you will start saving today.

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